Flexible production.

On both a large and small scale

For us, development and production go hand in hand. In the same way that we take an individual approach to working with each of our customers during the development phase, we make our production processes in our production facility in Kernen as flexible as possible. We are able to carry out both large-scale and small-scale production series through to customized single items in a cost-efficient way.


Our customers come from a varied range of industries. As a result, the applications and technical framework conditions are different for each product as well. We use a range of materials and production techniques to turn our customers' requirements into product solutions.

Erich Pantea

Planning Process Team Leader


"The strength of our production capability is the variety of products that we are able to provide. And our ability to adapt our range of products to customers' specific requirements in an uncomplicated way."

Eduard Dürbach

Quality Assurance


"When it comes to quality, compromise is not an option."