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What is it that makes Jacob level measurement technology so special?


Jürgen Osswald: Our fast-acting, flat organizational structure is a clear advantage; always open to new ideas, we are able to act on our customers' needs quickly and flexibly. In addition to this, we have extensive expertise in the fields of design and electrical engineering. At the same time, we are familiar with the requirements of a vast range of industrial sectors. We are aware of industry conditions and the impacts of these, and know which material is suitable for which medium, which is why we only use high-quality materials. Our customers appreciate what we offer and recommend us to others.

Can you describe the typical stages of a development project?


Manjunath Thejeswara: Our products are highly individual. First we check whether there are already any existing solutions to fulfill the requirements in question or whether something unique needs to be developed. And then with every customer-specific project, we are involved right from the concept phase through to completion. The time frame for the entire process is between one month and a year, depending on the actual requirements.

What does working with a customer specifically entail?


Jürgen Osswald: We take a very active approach when working with our customers, which essentially translates into keeping the line of communication with them open at all times. Whether it's by phone or in person on-site – we are in constant contact and present draft designs and initial solutions. In this way, we always collaborate with the customer to coordinate the next steps, while continuously referring back to the respective requirements. In this development process, the customer always has the ultimate say: The customer stipulates what is to be supplied throughout the project, such as a prototype.

Do developers ever provide answers to problems that the customer hasn't even considered? Does that happen at Jacob?


Manjunath Thejeswara: Yes, it's for this reason that we keep a close eye on all the possible scenarios for every project; this enables us to actually offer the best solution possible in each case – and not just the first solution that comes along. I'll give you two examples: A customer once ordered five float switches. After clarifying all the requirements, the best solution turned out to be capacitive sensors, which were much better suited to the customer's application. In another case, a customer required a curved container to be equipped with a float switch. Instead of the standard solution, we provided the customer with a product that matched the profile of the container. So, in this case, a consultation led to a different solution that gives the customer better results.

Which measuring principles and technologies does Jacob Level Measurement Technology deal with in particular and have an especially high level of expertise in?


Jürgen Osswald: We have decades of experience in reed technology and consider ourselves a specialist in the fields of ultrasonic level measurement, capacitive measurements, radar level measurement, high-frequency level measurement and optical measurements. This also covers all aspects of liquid management – in the rail technology sector, wind energy industry, mechanical engineering field, the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry as well as the medical technology sector and food industry.

Where does Jacob Level Measurement Technology excel in terms of service?


Manjunath Thejeswara: Based on what our customers tell us, our particular strengths include our quick response times, our excellent consultancy skills, our unique solutions and the fact that we are able to manufacture even the smallest of quantities.

Jacob Level Measurement Technology has advertised its services with the slogan "Tough Challenges Wanted" for a number of years now. What does this slogan mean?


Jürgen Osswald: Quite simply that we will happily take on ambitious projects. Of course, we realize that there are some limits. But, we pride ourselves on always pursuing solutions where others have thrown in the towel. Our credo is: Working together transforms possibilities into realities. This also applies to small order quantities, which often present a considerable challenge in the case of special parts in particular.

Where do you see Jacob Level Measurement Technology in five years?


Manjunath Thejeswara: I see us producing even more customized solutions and providing an even wider range of products. We want to become the first port of call for unique level measurement solutions in Europe. Which is why we're keeping a close eye on the mega trends, such as urbanization and the important dialog regarding water. With our team – of whom we are very proud – we want to continue pushing forward the company's success. Which our customers will also benefit from.